A number of concerts and shows that have been cancelled will be streaming live online for free! I had a the pleasure of watching a favourite band of mine last night from the comfort of my own home!

Remote Concerts


The current situation of isolating and social distancing is far from ideal for any of us. It's clear that the next few months may be a struggle at times. 

Because of this, we need to help each other and spread some #silverlinings.

At XenZone the creators of Kooth - the country's biggest digital mental health community - we want to help spread your ideas and thoughts about keeping happy during these unprecedented times. 

Share your stories and tips with us using the links below or read on how others are coping with the world-wide isolation.

Providing support for social distancing

N E W   S U B M I S S I O N S

Submitted by Mel. A

A great way to keep children regulated and entertained is to get them to do obstacle courses. They can plan their own, write it down, test it, change it, most importantly have fun with it. Try and encourage your children to start with fast activities and slow down the pace towards the end, ending in calming activities.

Submitted by Dan. M

Obstacle Courses

I set myself a craft project last night and decided that I really needed a tote bag with Baby Yoda on it, so I embroidered him last night! Craft is a massive coping method for me, especially at the moment. It's nice to think up a project during the day and then make it into a reality as a switch off after work.

Submitted by Kate. E

Getting Crafty



I N  Y O U R  I N B O X

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Do you have any ideas that will help improve the mental health of those stuck at home? If we all contribute our thoughts and experiences, we all stand to benefit!

Y O U R  I D E A S


Using this time to gain a new skill is a great idea. There's little to distract you from learning a new craft. There are many resources online for all types of learning. Perhaps you want to get better at cooking? Learn how to paint? Pick up that rusty guitar you never got round to learning? What better time than now!

Skill Up

M O R E   I D E A S

Submitted by Chris. S

My flatmate and I have stuck a piece of paper on a kitchen cupboard which reads Joyful Things to Explore During "The Virus" and as things come to us which we can do while we're home more, we're writing them on the paper. Examples include quality phone calls with friends and family and Learn 'The Crow' yoga position!

Submitted by Charlotte. M

Joyful Things

I'm finding really valuable creating time and space with my team to talk about non-work related issues and just catch up on life, netflix and podcast recommendations etc. These are things you take for granted in an office and when you're at home you really miss those 'water cooler' moments.

Submitted by Sam. T

The Water Cooler

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